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802.11 AH Sub 1 Ghz RF IP



The RF transceiver IP is a complete radio front-end optimized for sub-GHz band, IEEE 802.11ah SoC implementation, based on the industry’s proven direct conversion transceiver architecture. This transceiver IP has fully integrated power amplifiers along with the capability to support various commercial external FEM. RF IO ports are single-ended and a fractional-N synthesizer while the power amplifiers and LDOs are fully integrated for minimum BOM and PIN counts.

A special LPO for the high Sleep Clock Accuracy (SCA) is also integrated for the low power applications. This Radio IP supports various radio calibration functions such as TRX IQ mismatch calibration, LO feedthrough calibration, DC offset cancellation, fast AGC, VCO calibration, VCO temp

variation compensation, bias calibration, LPF corner frequency compensation, battery monitoring, and temperature monitoring.

The internal, digitally-controlled gain stages at the RF and BB levels provide both low noisefigure and large dynamic range of the receiver. Furthermore, the transmitter has more than30dB gain range, which provides a wide output power range. Cutoff frequency of the baseband filters are calibrated with an internal RC compensation scheme while the low pass filter supports modulation bandwidths up to 16MHz. A crystal oscillator, which is connected to a low cost external crystal, is also integrated. The SPI interface controls most of the transceiver functions.



  • Low power sub-GHz band transceiver for IEEE 802.11ah
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.11ah draft 5.0
  • Support up to 16MHz channel BW
  • Integrated power amplifiers
  • Integrated LDOs
  • TX LOFT/IQ mismatch calibration
  • RX IQ mismatch calibration
  • Fast AGC using built-in RSSI
  • LPF calibration
  • PLL calibration
  • Bias current calibration
  • Support of external FEM modules
  • Internal temperature sensing
  • Internal battery monitoring
  • Benefits

  • Available as SoC White Box IP
  • Deliverables

  • Datasheets
  • Hard macro containing IEEE 802.11ah radio
  • Integration support with baseband
  • Process node: TSMC 40 LP
  • Tech Specs

  • Single-ended RF ports
  • Two supplies : 1.4V, 2.0 ~ 3.6V
  • Supply current: RX: 10mA @ 1.4V TX: 10mA @ 1.4V 13mA @ 2.0V(Pout = 0dBm)
  • Frequency band: 750 ~ 950 MHz
  • Modulation: BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
  • Linear TX output power: 0dBm
  • TX gain range: 30dB
  • RX noise figure : < 3dB
  • RX gain range: 80dB
  • Max. input power: -10dBm
  • Phase error: < 0.6 deg for 64QAM
  • EVM: < -31dB @ 64QAM
  • LPO accuracy: 500ppm

T2M提供高质量的已验证IP,包括各种模拟/混合信号,RF,数字和SW系统的解决方案。可用于通信,消费类电子和计算机产品的关键组成部分,包括IoT系统,可穿戴设备,蜂窝电话,平板电脑,M2M,RCU,机顶盒,电视机,DVD播放器和PC芯片组。 无论是fab工厂的工艺 /节点的移植还是特定的系统功能,T2M所提供的IP可以进行设计定制化修改以适合客户的具体要求。