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LTE NB IoT UE Modem+L1/2/3 PS SW IP


This 3GPP Release 13 compliant NB-IoT UE Cat NB1 solution includes a Digital Modem integrated with a Protocol Stack (L1/L2/L3) SW, designed for the development of very low cost/power SoCs.

The SW has very low memory and low power footprint enabling easy integration to custom target platforms using ARM M series, MIPS or other CPU.

This solution has been integrated with 3rd party RFs.

The reference design is implemented on a Xilinx Zynq 7020 off the shelf EVK integrating the Digital Modem & Protocol Layer stack SW onto the embedded ARM Cortex CPU driving an ADI SDR RF transceiver.


  • 3GPP Rel13 Cat-NB1 UE solution
  • FDD support
  • Single antenna Tx and Rx
  • 200 KHz bandwidth
  • 15KHz and 3.75 KHz subcarrier spacing support
  • Both single-tone and multi-tone support
  • Standalone mode of operation
  • 3 levels of coverage enhancement support
  • CIoT control plane and user plane optimization
  • Power saving mode
  • eDRX
  • Multiple data bearers (0/1/2)
  • NAS and AS security with Snow 3G algorithm

Key Differentiators

  • Digital Modem/Phy in RTL (No DSP)
  • Integrated Service Layer L1/L2/L3 Protocol stack
  • Generic PHY abstraction layer
  • can interface to a 3rd party modem/phy
  • Low memory and low power footprint
  • AT Command and USIM interface
  • Support for LWM2M Over The Air
  • Firmware/Software upgrade and Device Management
  • Supports DTLS Security

T2M提供高质量的已验证IP,包括各种模拟/混合信号,RF,数字和SW系统的解决方案。可用于通信,消费类电子和计算机产品的关键组成部分,包括IoT系统,可穿戴设备,蜂窝电话,平板电脑,M2M,RCU,机顶盒,电视机,DVD播放器和PC芯片组。 无论是fab工厂的工艺 /节点的移植还是特定的系统功能,T2M所提供的IP可以进行设计定制化修改以适合客户的具体要求。