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MIPI Soundwire IP



The MIPI SoundWire is an interface specification that enables bi-directional digital Audio communication between a Master and one or more slave devices and among slave devices. It is optimized for mobile and Mobile inspired systems. It can co-exist with MIPI-Compliant and non-MIPI-Compliant devices.
MIPI SoundWire is low-complex, low-power, low-latency interface that supports multichannel data. Being low gate count enables it to be adopted it into smaller components like microphones and amplifiers.
L&T’s SoundWire Master is used in any master controllers like Amplifiers or processors to transfer or receive audio data from one of the SoundWire slaves, like the one connected to a microphone or a speaker. Likewise L&T’s SoundWire Slave is a full SoundWire standard compliant slave that can do a slave to slave communication according to the device component connected to it.


  • Compliant with MIPI SoundWire Standard 0.9r05
  • SoundWire Host can support up to 11 Slaves.
  • Up to 8 Data Lanes supported
  • Slave-to-Slave transport supported
  • Modified-NRZI Data Encoding.
  • Special internal register space for each devices
  • Optional Monitor Interface
  • Optional APB/AXI interface supported.
  • Configurable data width: 8/16/32-bit
  • Benefits

  • Highly modular and configurable design
  • Layered architecture
  • Supports both sync and async reset
  • Clearly de-marked clock domains
  • Extensive clock gating support
  • Multiple Power Well Support
  • Software control for key features
  • Deliverables

  • Configurable RTL Code
  • HDL based test bench and behavioral models
  • Test cases
  • Protocol checkers, bus watchers and performance monitors
  • Configurable synthesis shell
  • Documentation
  • Design Guide
  • Verification Guide
  • Synthesis Guide

T2M提供高质量的已验证IP,包括各种模拟/混合信号,RF,数字和SW系统的解决方案。可用于通信,消费类电子和计算机产品的关键组成部分,包括IoT系统,可穿戴设备,蜂窝电话,平板电脑,M2M,RCU,机顶盒,电视机,DVD播放器和PC芯片组。 无论是fab工厂的工艺 /节点的移植还是特定的系统功能,T2M所提供的IP可以进行设计定制化修改以适合客户的具体要求。