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Display Port V1.2 Tx IP



Our Display Port is VESA DP1.1a, DP1.2 and eDP compliant with four main lanes and an auxiliary channel The DP transmitter acceptsDP1.1a HBR (2.7Gbps) and RBR (1.62Gbps) data rates; it can also support turbo mode (3.24Gbps) and HBRII (5.4Gbps) of DP1.2 standard. Signals are sampled from 1/2/4-lane double-wide DP stream data.

IP is composed of DP 1.2 core and its Physical Layer, in 65nm, 40nmLP and 28nmLP.


  • DP SST and MST compliant
  • Support video format of RGB, YCbCr 4:4:4/4:2:2
  • Deep color up to 16bit per component, H Sync, V Sync, Field ID (Interlaced modes) and DE.
  • Support dual bus video
  • Audio up to 4ch I2S
  • Support HDCP data decryption
  • Support DP 1.2 side band and GTC messages
  • Support DP 1.2 3D and SDP nesting
  • To facilitate lower test cost and improve test coverage, a loopback test is provided to check for the functionality of the transmitter in different speed modes
  • Deliverables

  • RTL Code
  • Verification Environment
  • User Documents & Guide

T2M提供高质量的已验证IP,包括各种模拟/混合信号,RF,数字和SW系统的解决方案。可用于通信,消费类电子和计算机产品的关键组成部分,包括IoT系统,可穿戴设备,蜂窝电话,平板电脑,M2M,RCU,机顶盒,电视机,DVD播放器和PC芯片组。 无论是fab工厂的工艺 /节点的移植还是特定的系统功能,T2M所提供的IP可以进行设计定制化修改以适合客户的具体要求。