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DVB-S/-DSNG Modulator

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The DVB-S/-DSNG Modulator with integrated Reed-Solomon encoder has been designed specifically to address the requirements of the ETSI DVB-S forward-link satellite standard (EN 300 421), with further options available for compatibility with the ETSI DVB-DSNG digital satellite news gathering standard (EN 301 210). The core provides all the necessary processing steps to modulate a single transport stream into a complex I/Q signal for input to a pair of DACs, or an interpolating DAC device. Optionally, the output can be selected as an IF to supply a signal DAC. The active FEC code-rate is controlled via a control register. The design has been optimized to provide excellent performance in FPGA devices.
  • Fully compliant with ETSI EN 300 421 and ETSI EN 301 210.
  •  Variable sample-rate interpolation provides ultra-flexible clocking strategy.
  •  Integrated DVB-S channel coder.
  •  Optional DVB-DSNG support.
  •  Extension core available for SPI/ASI interface with integrated PCR TS re-stamping.
  •  Seamless integration with Altera ASI megacore when using SPI/ASI extension core.
  •  Optional internal IF conversion.
  •  Optional noise interference source.
  •  AD9857/AD9957 interface and auto-programming support.
  •  Modes that are not required may be removed with synthesis options to generate a compact, efficient design.
  • Designed for very efficient FPGA implementation without compromise to the targeting of gate array or standard cell structures.
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