SoC White Box IPs

802.11 N AC-4X4 Scalable Phy MAC Digital IP


Scalable 802.11 N & AC MAC/Phy Digital IP MiMo Options from 1x1 to 4x4 Available as RTL Source for FPGA & SoC Integration Customizable by developer


  • 802.11n PHY / MAC IP
  • 1x1 to 4x4 MIMO, 2stream, 20/40MHz, up to 600MHz
  • Gate size : depends on number of antennas e.g. about 3Mgate for 2x3 MIMO
  • 2x3 MIMO is silicon proven
  • 802.11ac PHY / MAC IP
  • 1x1 to 4x[2, 2], MU-MIMO, 2stream x 2user, 80MHz, 1.73Gbps
  • 11n mode : MIMO, 2stream, 40MHz, 300Mbps
  • Gate size : depends on number of antennas e.g. about 6Mgate for 4x[2,2] MIMO


  • Datasheets
  • Hard macro containing IEEE 802.11ah AP baseband (PHY, MAC H/W)
  • MAC S/W code
  • Test vectors and simulation model
  • Integration support