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GSM GPRS EDGE Protocol Stack SW IP

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A GSM/GPRS/EDGE SW Protocol Stack IP that has been integrated with multiple basebands and shiped in 1bn phones and M2M modules world wide. Extensively field trialed, extremely modular, and independent of undelying hardware.

GSM/EGPRS handset stack has been designed to optimise:

  • Performance, incl high data rates, and low latency
  • Footprint: lowest memory use consistent with performance
  • Flexibility: rapid implementation with port to alternate base-band, RF chipsets and RTOS without main code changes; source code option
  • Debug, validation and field trials process: comprehensive graphical tools

All code is written in ANSI C and has been ported to 7 chipsets to date.

Sub-layers are mostly implemented as individual tasks (save for, e.g. RLC/MAC) communicatingthrough message queues. A description of the standard L1C, L2 & L3 stack is provided.


  • Class B implementation multi-slot class 12 to 3GPP Release 1999 June 2007
  • GPRS PDP context. Packet services accessed via integrated TCP/ IP stack, or via PPP using an external PC or PDA.
  • Conforms to 3GPP Release ’99 / GCF-CC v3.35 bis (GCF-CC Version 3.35.0 dated 2009-07-06) and NAPRD.03 v5.0 bis (PTCRB NAPRD.03 v5.0) based on STAR-Let200Q M2M platform
  • Data rates to 80Kbps (GPRS); 400Kbps (EGPRS)
  • Quad-band support
  • PBCCH support
  • AT Command Interpreter implements 27.007 commands for GSM and GPRS; extended command set
  • SIM Interface supports Phase 1 & 2 cards
  • Layer 1
  • Type 1, multi-slot class 12
  • Simple primitive interface
  • Generic core design
  • Easily portable
  • Optimal power-saving
  • Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) provided by third party (Mentor Graphics)
  • Sub-Network Dependent Convergence Protocol (SNDCP)
  • Interfaces to AT command interpreter
  • Interfaces with IP directly or via PPP
  • Compression of TCP/IP headers (option)
  • GSM Short Message Service (SMS) GPRS Short Message Service (GSMS)
  • MO and MT messages sent / received over GPRS packet link
  • Circuit-Switched Data Option
  • Transparent & non-transparent up to 9.6 Kbits/sec (14.4 Kbps option)
  • Group 3 Fax Class 1
  • Portable to alternate RTOS through abstraction layer (GHDI, GSDI)
  • Deliverables

  • License protocol stack in image, object and source-code form to chipset providers, system integrators
  • Consultancy: strategy, customisation, porting, integration, product design, product co-design, and verification to licensees and others
  • Services: maintenance, support for test & validation, including field trials, conformance testing
  • Provision of terminal reference designs and modem modules through partnerships
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