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Display Port 1.4 Rx controller IP

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Supported DP Standard:

    • eDP ver 1.4a, DP ver 1.3and HDCP rev 1.3

Supports 1 and 2 lanes main link:

    • Supports both Default and Enhanced Framing Mode Supports only SST mode
    • Supports only video packet
    •  Supports 18/24 bit RGB digital video output format
    •  Master I2C interface for DDC connection
    • Interface to external HDCP key storage
    • Configuration registers programmable via SPI interface



    • eDP version 1.4a compliant receiver
    • Consists of two main link channels and one AUX channel Supports 1.62Gbps (RBR) to 5.4Gbps (HBR2) bit rate
    • Supports main link operation with 1 or 2 lanes
    • Integrated 100-ohm termination resistors with common-mode biasing
    • Integrated equalizer with tunable strength
    • Configurable analog characteristics
    • CDR bandwidth
    • Equalizer strength
    • Terminator resistance
    • BGR voltage
    • Regulator voltage
    • Support PLL test and internal analog signal monitor
    • 1.8V/0.9V power supply
    • Support TSMC 28nm process


    • Verilog RTL or netlist source code of LINK controller.
    • Abstracted timing models for synthesis and STA
    • Timing constrains for synthesis and physical layout
    • Behavioral Verilog Model, simulation test bench, run control scripts, and test stimuli
    • Physical design database
    • Integration guidelines
    • Reference software sample code
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