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MOCA 2.1 MAC/Baseband/RF STB SoC White Box IP

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This SOC white box IP extracted from the production chip.The MoCA (Mutimedia Over Cortex Allience) Baseband PHY and Mac SoC, in conjunction with the companion chip power amplifier and low noise amplifier for MoCA, connects STB back-end devices to the home MoCA network as defined by the MoCA 2.0 standard. The MoCA Baseband PHY and Mac is fully backward compatible with MoCA 1.1 standard Supporting Bonded-channel and Turbo modes, offers a high-speed throughput from 400 Mb/s to 1 Gb/s.

The MoCA Baseband PHY and Mac and Power amplifier can be used as well in standalone applications like Dongles or host. The device comes with a complete firmware and software suite included in a Product design kit.



    MoCA 2.1

  • Throughput: 400 Mb/s, 500 Mb/s in turbo mode
  • Single channel
  • Throughput: 800 Mb/s, 1 Gb/s in turbo mode
  • Bonded channel
  • Wide frequency range: 400 MHz to 1675 MHz
  • Covering all MoCA bands
  • Up to 16 nodes
  • MoCA1.1 backward compatibility
  • Dual independent radios for max. flexibility
  • Low power modes and wake-on-MoCA
  • Control via host AP
  • Interfaces

  • Reduced Gigabit MII (RGMII)
  • 50-MHz oscillator control
  • Dual MoCA 2.0 100-Ω differential ZIF RF I/Os
  • Proprietary PA/LNA control
  • I2C master and slave
  • I2S digital audio input
  • General

  • 3.3-V, 2.5-V and 1.2-V supplies
  • Single-channel peak power < 2.5 W
  • Bonded-channel peak power < 3.5 W
  • Temperature range 0 to 70 °C
  • Applications

  • Set Top Box, OTT, iPTV
  • Cable Gateways
  • DOCSIS 3.1/3.0 cable modems
  • Deliverables

  • RTL Source Code
  • HDL based test bench and behavioral models
  • Test cases
  • Protocol checkers, bus watchers and performance monitors
  • Configurable synthesis shell
  • Documentation & Design Guide
  • Verification Guide
  • Synthesis Guide
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