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ZigBee 3.0 (802.15.4) MAC, PS SW, Profiles IP

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ZBOSS is a product line of IP for ZigBee core specifications version r20. The ZBOSS product line has two component IPs, the Stack + Profiles and the MAC, Link layer and Physical layer. The product is designed to work with the "Bluetooth Smart / ZigBee RF Transceiver IP-IoT" providing a complete SoC implementation.

Stack + Profiles

  • ZBOSS stack and profile solution for ZigBee Pro core stack based on r20 (2012) specification.
  • Core stack includes:
  • – Mac layer
  • – OS-dependent layer
  • – Core stack:
  • Network layer
  • APS layer (application support)
  • ZDO layer (ZigBee Device Object)
  • Security layer
  • ZDP (ZigBee Device Profile)
  • – ZCL (ZigBee Cluster Library)
  • The ZBOSS SW is designed to be portable on variety of platforms including 8 bit micro controllers with minimal system resources.

MAC, Link layer and Physical layer

The "MAC, link layer and physical layer (Modem)" implementation for 802.15.4 specifications.

The link layer is a hardware-firmware implementation. While the time critical protocol procedures are handled in the hardware, the firmware implements the link layer control protocol (LLCP), Security and host command and event handling.

The physical layer is a digital hardware implementation and performs the modulation & demodulation and provides features for receive AGC and RSSI measurements.

The SW is in production shipping with many 802.15.4 chipsets supporting ZigBee Pro, RF4CE, 6Lowpan, and soon Thread support.


  • Supports complete 802.15.4 Modem, Link Layer and MAC
  • Supports ZigBee Pro, RF4CE, 6Lowpan, Thread
  • Supports all mandatory & optional features
  • Supports all adopted profiles and services
  • Architected for low memory footprint
  • Portable across 8/16/32-bit microcontrollers
  • Application development framework for all implemented profiles
  • ZHA, ZLL, ZGP, ZSE and ZBA
  • Home Automation, Light Link,Green Power etc. Profiles supported
  • Certified ZigBee Pro core stack
  • Deliverables

  • C Source Code for all software
  • RTL for HW
  • Simulation test bench with regression test suit
  • Reference Platform Drivers
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