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Sep 18 -19

GPS L1/Galileo RF Tuner IP

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The GPS L1/Galileo RF tuner is a highly integrated CMOS single-chip low-IF IC for GPS L1/Galileo reception. It features low power consumption and low number of external components. It includes LNA, down-conversion mixers, digitally adjustable automatic gain control circuitries, a complex positive pass filter with bandwidth calibration, IF programmable gain

amplifiers, 2-bits analog to digital converters, VCOs with a high resolution fractional-N PLL, digital controlled crystal oscillator (DCXO), and digital interface/control circuits.

Manufactured in CMOS technology and hosted in QFN32 package.


  • 3-wire SPI (optional)
  • Fractional-N synthesizer ith fully integrated VCOs and parts of loop filter
  • Digital IF AGC with adjustable take-over points
  • Support various crystal frequencies (w/o writing internal register bits, 16.368MHz/19.2MHz can be used);
  • Can Offer fixed 16.368MHz sampling clock for different XTAL frequencies
  • Integrated DCXO eliminates the need for bulky and expensive VC-TCXO
  • On-chip automatic calibrations including AFC and LPF bandwidth
  • Digitally controlled power saving mode for high power efficiency
  • Integrated DC-Offset cancellation circuitry
  • Integrated band-adjustable image rejection filter
  • Digital adjustable channel select filter
  • Integrated 2-bits A/D to offer two bits digitized outputs
  • Applications

  • Dual-mode GPS/ Galileo receivers
  • Location- Based Services
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Portable Navigation Devices
  • Deliverables

    Chip of KGD

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