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BLE 5/15.4 (0.5mm2) RF IP

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Bluetooth Low Energy v5 and IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee 3) compliant RF Transceiver + Modem IP silicon
proven in 55 & 40nm ULP FLASH process nodes. The radio supports 2Mbps, Long Range and is compliant
with Bluetooth® Low Energy Core Configuration (Bluetooth Smart) Version 5. The RX and TX currents are
optimized to be ~5mA from 0.9V supply. The IP includes the modem and integrates all the calibrations
required for the radio operation in a SOC. The radio analog hard IP including the RF pad-ring occupies less
than 0.5sqmm area. The radio provides best in class RX and TX metrics at highly optimized area and
current. Optional integrated RF matching network enabling direct connection to the antennae with minimal
loss in performance.



    • BLE 5 & IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee) Compliant : 2Mbps data rate, Long Range support
    • Area ~ 0.5mm2
    • Maximum Tx. Power: +7dBm
    • Maximum Junction Temperature: +125ºC
    • Ultra-Low Power Operation (RFIP + modem):  RX (@1Mbps): 5.5mA@0.9V, TX (@ 0dBm): 5.6mA@0.9V
    • Excellent RX Sensitivity:  -96 dBm (Uncoded PHY, 1Mbps), -93 dBm (2Mbps)
    • Integrated matching network (optional)
    • Integrated LDOs
    • Flexible SOC Interface, pre-integrated with:  ARM, CEVA, Mindtree
    • Integrated with ESD protected I/O pads
    • CSP & QFN Package support
    • Technology Nodes silicon proven:
    • TSMC40 ULP
    • GF40 (3Q17)


  • GDSII or source code
  • Digital Source Code RTL
  • Complete design transfer
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