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HVA Encoder IP

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4th generation H264 & VP8 encode IP Best in Class Video camcorder for low power applications. HW/SW configurable options helps to provide the high quality video encoding for both the boradcast and recording applications. It is suitable for low power applications.

Low power ensured at the

  • Top clock-gating at IP level
  • Hierarchical Dynamic & automatic clock-gating
  • Register clock-gating
  • HVA IP – V 4.0 supports

  • H264 HP L5.1 – 4Kp30
  • VP8 1080p60
  • 2.05mm², 32nm FDSOI, 350MHz
  • 450Kbytes of eSRAM,
  • Optimal for DRAM bandwidth
  • 1165MB/s DDR
    2768MB/s eSRAM
    HVA IP – V4.1 support

  • H264 HP L4.2 – 1080p60
  • VP8 1080p30
  • 1.58mm², 32nm FDSOI, 250MHz
  • 256Kbytes of eSRAM,
  • Optimal for DRAM bandwidth
  • 585MB/s DDR
    1410MB/s eSRAM


  • HVA4.0 HP L5.1 – 4KP30 support
  • HVA4.1 HP L4.2 – 1080P60 support
  • Low power structure
  • OS Drivers – Android integration done, API fully configurable at frame level
  • Best in Class Encoder, configurable, scalable, customizable database for area & perf recovery
  • High DRAM latency resilience (sized for 2µs NoCs latency)
  • 256 client ID for SW, no VM support, HW command queue storing 8 client
  • Secure/non-secure support : 2 Dedicated command queue
  • Benefits

  • Production Proven
  • Tier 1 supplier
  • Integration support
  • Deliverables

  • Fully verified synthesizable RTL source code
  • RTL test bench
  • EVB for test and verification
  • Datasheet/Integration Guide/Verification Guide
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