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Spread Spectrum and SOQP SK Radio for Telemetry Applications

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Laksha is a SDR based Radio with support of Spread Spectrum and SOQPSK waveforms for Telemetry applications. Solution uses FPGA SoC based SDR design to offer flexibility for any customizations. The on-board wideband RF Transceiver unit (70MHz - 6GHz) ensures that with minimal change in the RF front end circuit, several combinations of Transmit power, receive gain, multiplexing schemes (TDD/ FDD), can be achieved.
  • Spread Spectrum and SOQPK Radio
  • Faster Signal Acquisition
  • High Mobility & Doppler Support
  • Long Range
  • Anti-Jamming Radio with Spread Spectrum waveform
  • FDD based Full Duplex Link
  • Programmable Data Rates
  • In built FEC Channel coding schemes
  • Both Serial Data & Ethernet Data Interface Configuration tool for ease of operation
  • RF Link Diagnostics for performance Analysis
  • Customizable Baseband & RF for specific deployment
  • Ruggedized Hardware for outdoor deployment
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