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ISP (Image Signal Processing) 8MPixel- IP

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This is a low-power digital image processor designed for mobile camera applications. The device performs advanced image correction and enhancement, resulting in excellent image quality in today’s multi-megapixel cameras. Built-in high-level features include face tracking, video stabilization and a smooth digital zoom, bringing an outstanding user experience to camera systems. The device supports two MIPI sensors, flash gun (LED or Xenon), auto-focus and/or additional external actuators.

Enhanced Video Processing

  • Two video pipes
  • Face detection and tracking algorithm
  • Video stabilization
  • Adaptive 4-channel lens shading and barrel distortion correction
  • Statistics processor for advanced automatic exposure and white balance
  • Automatic contrast stretch
  • Nine-zone auto-focus with flexible actuator driver
  • Supports 2 MIPI compliant sensors of up to 8 Mpixel resolution (1 sensor streaming at a time)
  • Support for auto-focus (AF), extended depth of field (EDOF) and wide dynamic range (WDR) sensors
  • Frame-rates up to 30 fps at 5 Mpixel resolution and up to 15 fps at 8 Mpixel
  • Sensor interfaces: 2 x MIPI CSI-2 receivers
  • Host interface: MIPI CSI-2 dual lane transmitter or ITU - all with independent variable transmitter clock (PLL)
  •  Versatile clock manager and internal buffer to accommodate a wide range of data rates between sensors and the host.
  • Control interface: CCI (up to 400 kHz) or SPI
  • Output formats: JPEG, YUV4:2:2, YUV4:2:0, Planar YUV4:2:0 (up to 480 x 360), RGB888, RGB565, RGB444
  • JPEG compression with programmable quantization matrix and target file size
  • Synchronized flash gun control with red eye reduction (pre-flash and main-flash strobes) for high-power LED or Xenon strobe light
  • Low power standby mode
  • Digital zoom
  • Advanced noise and defect filtering
  • Color reconstruction
  • Adaptive color correction matrix
  • Sharpness enhancement
  • Programmable gamma correction
  • Lighting frequency detection and automatic flicker reduction
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