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5G Solution Overview

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  • 3GPP Release 15 compliant
  • 4 active users
  • Up to 4x4 MIMO, 4 Tx and 4 Rx
  • 5,10,20 and 40MHz bandwidth support
  • FDD/TDD mode supported
  • All FR1 bands are supported over cabled RF
  • Synchronization - IEEE1588
  • Subcarrier spacing 15 KHz and 30 KHz
  • Throughputs up to 1 GBPS
  • Support for analog and digital beamforming
  • The digital weights are applied to each transmit RF chain.
  • At the antenna element level, beam is adjusted by analog phase shifters.
  • Precoding is done in both analog and digital domain (hybrid beamforming).
  • COTS(Commercially Off The Shelf) Adaptive Array Antenna system is considered.
  • Baseband board has DSP SoC and powerful FPGA.
  • 2 FMC Connectors for plugging radio modules.
  • Radio module option for 2 x 2 MIMO and 4 x 4 MIMO.
  • Synchronization: External 10MHz and 1PPS.
  • Backhaul: Ethernet with 10 Gbps.
  • The HW design is modular and scalable for adding wider band radio or to support more antenna.
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