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Audio Processing SW Suite

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Audio Weaver Platform
  • AWE Core Processing Engine
  • Development Libraries Production Libraries AWE Designer
  • Standard Edition Pro Edition (req. Matlab)
  • Automotive Tuning Suite
  • Automotive Measuring Suite
  • RTASC Real Time Audio System Check.
Audio Weaver IP Solutions
  • TalkTo™ (mono/stereo & Multi-Channel)
  • Mono, stereo, and multichannel playback
  • Proprietary Adaptive Interference Canceller™ (AIC).
  • Multichannel AEC (N-channel)
  • 360-degree operation
  • Linux, Android, & RTOS
  • Wake-word & Ecosystem independent
  • Unequaled far-field performance
  • Passes AVS 2.1 Premium Test (reports are available under NDA)
  • AVAS Pedestrian Warning System
  • Audio Playback IP
  • Volume Management
  • Bass Enhancement
  • Headset Trigger
  • Dialog Enhance, etc.
  • Audio Weaver: AWE Designer Configuration tools for AWE Core
  • Integrate or Create advanced audio features
  • Realtime Interface for design and debug
  • Open APIs for external tools and scripting
  • Includes Native Target with AWE Core for Windows
  • AWE Core All-in-one Audio Processing Engine
  • Reconfigurable Audio-Pipeline400+ Audio Building-blocks
  • Processor & OS Agnostic
  • Open APIs & Extensible with 3rd party building-blocks
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