BLE/15.4 2.4GHz+Sub-GHz Multi-Protocol RF Transceiver Phy KGD & IP for adding wireless Connectivity to “any MCU/SoC”

T2M-IP, the global independent Semiconductor IP Cores, SW & Technology provider, is pleased to announce the availability of a BLE/15.4 2.4GHz + Sub-GHz Multi-Protocol RF Transceiver Phy KGD & IP based on 40nm ULP technology for custom system-in-package (SiP) or multi-chip package (MCP) solutions, or SoC development, instantly adding “Wireless connectivity” to any SoC with an embedded CPU.

This is a highly integrated KGD (Known Good Die), consisting of a mass production BLE/15.4 2.4GHz & Sub-GHz RF Transceiver Phy, for stacking inside a larger SoC package or external SoC (packaged device) on the pcb. The Protocol Stack SW, Profiles & Applications run on the host CPU, controlling the RF Transceiver Phy via an SPI interface to instantly deliver certified BLE/15.4/900-169MHz connectivity, without the cost and complexity of integration the RF onto the SoC die.

The Bluetooth LE & 15.4 Protocol Stack and Profiles SW provided have an extremely small Ram/Rom/MIPs footprints. The minimum CPU performance requirement is an ARM® Cortex M0@24MHz or equivalent. This enables any SoC with an embedded CPU with some free capacity to easily add Bluetooth/15.4 connectivity instantly.

Integrating complex RF into an SoC is high cost, high risk and time consuming. This RF Transceiver Phy KGD enables companies to add RF connectivity to any SoC instantly, independent of Foundry & Process node, very quickly and at a very low cost. This RF Transceiver Phy enables any SoC from a simple Microcontroller to a highly complex TV, STB, Mobile, IoT, Lighting, Medical, Audio, etc. SoC to integrate Bluetooth, ZigBee, RF4CE, 15.4 & other RF connectivity instantly.

T2M also has a BLE/15.4 2.4GHz only RF Transceiver Phy KGD based on the same design, as well as a complete range of related services including KGD integration, SW Integration, SIP Design, Packaging to Board Support Package, Product validation & Testing, Embedded SW, Application development, etc., customers will have a one-stop-shop solution.

Availability: For more information on pricing, availability and licensing options please drop a request to contact.

About: T2M-IP is the global independent semiconductor technology provider, supplying complex Semiconductor IP Cores, software, KGD and disruptive technologies enabling accelerated production of Wireless, Audio, IoT and Consumer SoCs.