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    BLE 5.2 Linklayer(SW based) IP

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    The Bluetooth low energy link layer provides the first level of control and data structure over the raw radio operations and bit stream transmission and reception.

    The Linklayer can be implemented in two versions:

    • Hardware Firmware Oriented
    • Software Oriented

    This variant of the link layer is Software oriented and is defined at a high Level. Most of the baseband functions has been implemented in Software. Customer can easily port this software link layer to their transceiver.

    t2m-design-reuse t2m-chipestimate t2m-anysilicon
    • Most procedures for the protocols implemented in software
    • Minimum set of standard functions in hardware
    • Designed for portability across 32-bit processors
    • Architecture of firmware for low code and data footprint
    • Reuse of all firmware components of the existing link layer IP
    • HCI, Algorithms, Data Structures etc.
    • Reuse of OS, MCU and Transport abstraction layers
    • Hardware abstraction layer to ensure no changes in the core firmware even if h/w changes
    • HCI/LM/LC/LL firmware source code in C
    • Transport drivers (UART, USB)
    • Platform drivers for development platform
    • OSAL for MINT OS/FreeRTOS
    • BlueWiz FPGA platform
    • Flash download utility
    • HCI Commander – HCI application
    • BlueWiz Architecture document
    • BlueWiz Verification document
    • SoC integration approach note
    • User manuals for development tools
    • Ideal for all mid end applications which need high flexibility.
    • Most functionality can be added by software update.
    • Lesser need for new Silicon- s/w upgrades to new specifications
    • High degree of configurability based on target application
    • Reuse of components ensures lower product risk

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