Bluetooth RF Transceiver Phy KGD for adding Bluetooth Connectivity to “any SoC”

T2M-IP, the global independent Semiconductor IP Cores, SW & Technology provider, is pleased to announce the availability of a Bluetooth LE RF Transceiver Phy KGD for instantly adding Bluetooth connectivity to any SoC with an embedded CPU.

This is a complete Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Solution, consisting of a mass production Bluetooth RF Transceiver Phy KGD (Known Good Die) for stacking inside a larger SoC package or external SoC (packaged device) on the pcb. The Bluetooth SW, Stack and Profiles run on the host SoC CPU, controlling the RF Transceiver Phy via an SPI interface to instantly deliver certified Bluetooth connectivity, without the cost and complexity of integration the RF onto the SoC die.

The Bluetooth Protocol Stack and Profiles SW have an extremely small Ram/Rom/MIPs footprints, requiring only ~55KB ROM, ~12KB DATA Size, 4 MIPS. The minimum CPU performance requirement is an ARM® Cortex M0@24MHz or equivalent. This enables any SoC with an embedded CPU with some free capacity to easily add Bluetooth connectivity instantly. Enabling any product portfolio from standalone microcontroller, to complex TV, STB, Mobile, IoT, Audio SoCs to have Bluetooth connectivity.

T2M also has a complete range of Bluetooth Technology for creating a Bluetooth SoC, including Bluetooth v5.2 RF IP in 22, 40 & 55nm, Bluetooth v5.2 Protocol Stack SW & Profiles, Bluetooth MESH v1.01, and a Smart Lighting End to End (Planning, Provisioning, Commissioning, Management) Platform.

The Bluetooth SW Stack is the most widely used, mature and licensed Bluetooth SW Stack for both Audio (Dual Mode) and IoT (Low Energy) products in the market today. It has been licensed by many companies including the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) for use in the Bluetooth Profile Tuning Suite (PTS).

Customers use the same Bluetooth SW Stack in both Audio Dual Mode (DM) & Low Energy (LE) SoCs, maintaining a common SW code base across all products, enabling common customer support, commonality of features, through a simple compiler option.

Availability: This KGD is in mass production, available for immediate sale stand alone or with the matching Bluetooth Protocol Stack SW & Profiles. For more information on licensing options and pricing please drop a request to contact.

About: T2M-IP is the global independent semiconductor technology provider, supplying complex Semiconductor IP Cores, software, KGD and disruptive technologies enabling accelerated production of Wireless, Audio, IoT and Consumer SoCs.

For more information, please visit: T2M | Design & Reuse | ChipEstimate