HD-HVEC Broadcast & Interactive STB – Features


  • Complete family with versions for IPTV markets (Liege3), satellite markets (Cardiff3) and cable markets (Palma3): Integrated DVB-S2/S2X demodulator with DVB-S and DTV legacy support (iH33x), Integrated DVB-C demodulator (iH37x)
  • ARM® Cortex™ application CPU offering up to 5000 DMIPs
  • High-performance GPU for fluid 3D graphics (ARM® Mali™-400), DDR3/3L 16-bit interface running at up to 1066 MHz (DDR3-2133)
  • Video decoding: HEVC Main 10 @ L4.1 (1080p60), H.264 AVC, @ L4.2 (1080p60), H.264 MVC and SHP @ L4.1 (1080p30L30R), VC-1, MPEG4, MPEG2, AVS, AVS+
  • HDMI-TX 1.4b/2.0a @ 1080p60 with HDCP 1.4 and 2.2
  • High-quality Faroudja video post-processing, including support for Blu-ray HDR10 content
  • Generation 4 security for concurrent CA/DRM support, including schemes such as NOCS 3.0, NSK 2.1, SVP, DTCP-IP, PlayReady, DVB-CPCM, DivX, Marlin, and others
  • Connectivity – USB2&3.0, PCIe, SD, eMMC, Smartcard, Ethernet PHY, RGMII
  • Deliverables

  • Verilog Source RTL Code plus Simulation Environment
  • C Source Code
  • Physical Design scripts – Synopsys synthesis
  • Hardware simulation test bench with regression test suit
  • Reference platform drivers