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    Verification Expertise

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    We provide expert verification Services to worldwide customers in Wireless, Automotive, Networking domains. We have strong expertise in integration & verification of Memory controllers, Communication protocols, Wireless IPs/SoCs at ASIC/FPGA level. Our team has strong expertise in latest UVM/OVM based verification flows.

    Key Areas of Association:

    • IP Verification
    • SOC Verification
    • Automation of Legacy Verification Environment
    • Migration to System Verilog Based Testbench
    • System Level Verification (Use case verification)
    • VIP Development
    • CPU Verification & Validation
    • Gate Level SOC Verification
    • FPGA Prototyping & Validation
    • Silicon Validation, Chip bringup,
    • Device driver development and Testing

    Why Us?

    • Strong domain knowledge in Wireless, Automotive & Networking domains
    • Deep system level knowledge of all kind of memory controllers integration & Verification.
    • Strong expertise in chip to chip communication IP Integration & Verification


    • System Verilog, Verilog, VHDL
    • UVM, OVM, VMM,
    • C based SOC Verification
    • TCL, PERL, Makefile, Automation of complete SOC
    • SVA (System Verilog Assertion) based Verification for Protocol Compliance
    • Coverage Driven Verification, Constrained Random Verification
    • Black box Verification, (Verification without golden Specification)


    SOC Expertise

    • Design and Verification DVB-H/T, Pay TV Conditional Access chip sets
    • Design and Verification of Automotive/Networking chip Sets
    • Design and Verification of Wireless (2G,3G, 4G) GSM based chip
    • Design and Verification of Bluetooth low energy SOC (Ultra Low Power)
    • Design and Verification of Hearing Aid Microcontroller (Ultra Low power)

    IP Expertise
    LPDDR2, RLDRAM 2/3, Flash Memory, Flash Security, UFS 2.0, MIPI M-PHY, UNIPRO, Interlaken, Ethernet, USB 2.0, USB 3.0,Power Management, DCDC Controller,Reed Solomon, AES, SHA, DMA, USART, I2C, SPI, GPIO, IOMUX, Modem, Audio Codec, Clock & Reset, Viterbi, IR Receiver, WDOG, PWM, ARM,ARC, MIPS Processors, Cache, MMU…

    Bus Interfaces
    AXI 3.0, AHB System, APB, Wishbone

    Tools Expertise
    All Industry Standard Tools: Synopsys (VCS & DVE, Formality, Spyglass), Cadence (ncSIM & Simvision, Conformal, HAL Check) Mentor Graphics ( Questa Sim & vsim)


    • Verified Design Specification
    • Detailed test guide
    • Detailed Test plan & test strategy
    • Verified RTL
    • Detailed signed checklist
    • Reusable UVM based Testbench (VIP)
    • Self Testing Direct, Random testcases
    • Environment Automation Scripts
    • Functional Coverage Report
    • Code Coverage report
    • Formal Equivalence, Spyglass Check

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