Dual Mode Bluetooth v5.2 SW Link Layer, Protocol Stack SW, Profiles licensed for ultra-low power 22nm True Wireless (TWS) Earbuds SoC

CES – 18th January 2021: T2MIP, the global independent semiconductor IP technology & SW provider, is pleased to announce the licensing of its’ partners Bluetooth Dual Mode v5.2 Software Link Layer, Protocol Stack software, Profiles and LC3 codec in combination with 22nm RF IP Core to a leading Hearables semiconductor company. Accelerating customers to design a ultra-low power True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbud, Hearing Aid & Headphone SoC.

The Bluetooth v5.2 Dual Mode LE/EDR SW Link Layer, LC3 SW codec, Protocol Stack SW & Profiles are 100% compliant to the Bluetooth v5.2 standard, supporting Audio over BLE as well as Classic/EDR Audio for legacy support. The Bluetooth SW link layer brings significantly lower power, smaller die size and ultimate flexibility to Bluetooth SoCs compared to older traditional Hardware or DSP based link layers. Enabling manufacturers to customization and optimization at an unheard-of deep level on a product-by-product basis to optimize performance from lowest power consumption to ultra-low latency for gaming.

The Bluetooth Dual Mode 22nm RF IP supports all the latest features while providing full Bluetooth legacy support. Its Best-in-class Sensitivity, lowest power consumption (<3mW) and the lowest analog die area exceeds the expectations making it a perfect fit for the TWS/Hearing Aid application.

The LC3 SW Codec, a new technology under LE Audio, brings new Bluetooth features that includes support for hearing aids and the ability to broadcast to an “unlimited” number of audio devices. Supporting all the sampling frequencies and frame intervals (7.5ms and 10ms), the LC3 codec provides lower code size, lower MIPS & higher performance than other solutions on the market. This enables the customer to strike a perfect balance between size, weight, battery life, and audio quality of the SoC.

The True Wireless Stereo (TWS) implementation delivers the left and right audio channels to the connected device separately by assigning the left channel to the left earbud and the right channel to the right earbud. This prevents undue strain & power consumption on only one earbud, improves connection strength, and provides clearer audio. The SW Link Layer and Stack have already been customized to enable this Relay and Sniffing based TWS implementations.

The tight collaboration with the Audio Weaver SW Platform enables customers to rapidly develop and test new audio algorithms to fine tune their product audio footprint. This embedded audio development tool enables automated real-time systems checks and monitoring for audio tuning, which is critical for mitigating production delays and accelerating time to market amongst the increasing demand for the out-of-box Audio features. Voice assistant, Beamforming, Microphone enhancements, ANC, etc. are some of the features implemented. Audio Weaver has several wake word engines optimized for Google Voice Assistant (GVA), Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and WebRTC VAD to enable deployment of voice-enabled products that don’t run on a cloud service. The TalkTo™ highly flexible audio front end eliminates noise for high-performance voice control in noisy and unpredictable environments.

T2MIP, also offers deep audio product development Engineering expertise, technology and design services to the many audio brands in the fast-growing Audio ecosystem. Such expertise includes, but not limited to, build and deploy complex and disruptive new audio, signal processing and machine learning features. Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Ultra Low Latency over modified Bluetooth, wireless AV, sound beamforming, wake-on-word, echo cancellation, machine learning, deep learning, and voice detection

About T2M: T2MIP is the global independent semiconductor technology provider, supplying complex IP, software, KGD and disruptive technologies enabling accelerated production of Wireless, Audio, IoT and consumer SoCs.

For more information, please visit: https://t-2-m.com/semiconductor-ip-core/bluetooth-ip/btdm-ip/bt-dual-mode-5-2-hw-linklayer-baseband-controller-silicon-proven-ip-core