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    HEVA/HIVE/H.264 Encoder Video Hardware Accelerator - IP

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    The Hardware Encoder Video Accelerator (HEVA), supports HEVC encoding low complexity with a
    flexible architecture targeting at least 1080p60 with minimal processing units and memory cuts, and
    up to 2160p120 with large number of units and large memory cuts.
    Trade-off performance/area at design configuration
    – Reference cache size for 2160p30 at 350 MHz, 1 reference frame and bandwidth
    – overhead of 100% for references i.e. 1.5 GBytes/sec (minimal is 1.2 GB/s)
    Hardware interfaces
    ● Host interface AXI3/AXI4 slave interface for the registers and command/status FIFO
    ● Memory interface AXI3/AXI4 Streaming interfaces to External DRAM
    – Asynchronous AXI3/AXI4 128 bits interface
    – Synchronous DMA arbiter and memory interface
    Task sequencing modules
    – Manages communication and storage between processing modules
    – Control the shared memories and caches between the TPU modules and TSU/MIF
    – Defines the execution mode of the task processing units
    Task processing modules
    – Perform the pixel and bit-stream processing under control of TCR/TSU
    – The number of processing elements is defined at design configuration to sustain the required
    – A local reference cache is needed for performance for some processing units.
    Encoder acceleration
    – Performance up to 330 Mpixel/sec (2160p30 +1080p30)
    – HEVC Main support, Level 4.2 (2160p30)
    – H.264 High Profile Progressive, Level 5.1 (2160p30, 1080p120)
    – HEVC Sample Adaptive Offset in-loop deblocking
    – Full coding unit support (from CU 64x64 to CU 8x8, PU 4x4)
    – No restriction on MV range allowed (X<8192, Y<4096)
    – Slice support: single slice or number of CTB lines per slice
    – Slice level IT programmable
     Original input frame
    – Bottom/Right original padding on-the-fly
    – YUV 420 semi-planar: NV21

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