Jieli Joins TempowOS Chipset Partner Program for TWS Designs

Tempow, the Bluetooth-specialist, Paris-based startup, announced a new partnership with Zhuhai Jieli Technology, a leading chipset manufacturer in the TWS Bluetooth SoC segment. Jieli Technology is joining Tempow’s chipset partner program to deploy TempowOS, an operating system for True Wireless Earbuds, on its flagship AC897N and AD697N extreme low power Bluetooth TWS solutions.

Jieli’s chipsets offer support for some of the most thought-after features in new TWS products, such as active noise cancelation (ANC), and will be compatible and pre-integrated with TempowOS to accelerate market adoption. The Tempow and Jieli cooperation will offer an extremely affordable, high-performing solution for audio brands, including advanced product features such as multi-source (the ability to connect the earbuds at the same time to a laptop and smartphone), fast pairing, and gesture customization.

Tempow is licensing TempowOS as a reliable Operating System for True Wireless Earbuds with differentiating features, accelerating growth in the fastest category in consumer electronics with a platform that can evolve and adapt to consumer trends. The company leverages four years of prior experience working on Bluetooth Audio technology in partnership with Android OEMs (TCL, Transsion, Coolpad and Motorola). The company currently holds more than 45 patents, most of them covering True Wireless Earbuds technology and applications.

With Tempow’s unique patented dual-A2DP architecture on top of Jieli’s SoCs, Android OEMs will be able to provide a seamless end-to-end user experience using a power efficient software architecture. And audio manufacturers using TempowOS with Jieli’s SoCs will benefit from continuous firmware updates, ensuring that their wireless earbud designs are always evolving, and able to offer the latest features developed by Tempow and Jieli.
“Tempow is committed to firmware quality in the development of the first OS for TWS. Our collaboration ensures the best user experience for our customers enabling them access to reliable, time tested solutions that can be deployed across their products,” says Yu Kaikai, Chief Marketing Officer at Jieli.

Jieli Technology is an IC design company with headquarters in Zhuhai, China. Over years of growth, Jieli’s IC products and solutions play a major rule in industry by offering Bluetooth audio and BLE, video processing, and health technologies. With over 1 billion Bluetooth chips shipped worldwide in 2020, Jieli is one of the largest players in that space and its chips can be commonly found in TWS earbuds, headphones, portable and multiroom speakers.

“Jieli and Tempow share the same industry ambition to lead the market for affordable and good quality True Wireless,” says Vincent Nallatamby, Tempow’s Chief Executive Office. “Jieli’s leadership position in the TWS market and solid industrial experience make them an invaluable partner to expedite TempowOS deployment.”

True Wireless Earbuds is the fastest-growing consumer electronics category since the smartphone, increasing up to 250 million units yearly over the last 3 years. Major brands from Europe, US, and China have already adopted TempowOS. The first True Wireless Earbuds powered-by-TempowOS using Jieli chipsets will be available in Q1 2021.