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    Audio Weaver® - Audio Algorithm Software Generator

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    Audio Weaver an Audio SW Development Platform, an Audio drag and drop EDA suite if you like, to streamline the audio algorithm SW development process by you and your customers on your chipsets. It is a hardware (CPU/DSP) independent platform designed for audio algorithm development. It is an innovative graphical design environment for developing optimized embedded audio software. Development teams can create applications that realize their desired sound quality up to 10X faster than traditional development approaches by allowing developers to work in parallel at different stages of the development cycle and by re-using pre-built, highly optimized audio processing modules. Audio Weaver embodies years of audio product development experience and is used by several leading audio technology companies today. It enables algorithm and product developers to more quickly and efficiently develop products and technology. It is a complete tool, remaining suitable for the entire lifecycle of an algorithm, from basic research, to optimisation and productization, integration into end products, and ongoing legacy support.

    AWE Core Processing Engine : Development Libraries, Production Libraries

    AWE Designer: Standard Edition, Pro Edition (req. Matlab)

    Automotive Tuning Suite, Automotive Measuring Suite, RTASC Real Time Audio System Check

    There are over 400 SW plug ins for the platform including TalkTo which is a High performance Audio front end for far-field voice-controlled products an Adaptive Interference Canceller (AIC) that learns and eliminates external noise sources guaranteeing reliable voice control even at significant background noise levels, for example used in GoPro Hero to eliminate wind noise.

    Audio Playback IP: Volume Management, Bass Enhancement

    This software is used in millions of devices in the consumer, mobile and automotive industry, for example Porsche used it to create the Taycan signature sound.

    • Integrate or Create advanced audio features
    • Realtime Interface for design and debug
    • Open APIs for external tools and scripting
    • Includes Native Target with AWE Core for Windows
    • AWE Core All-in-one Audio Processing Engine
    • Reconfigurable Audio-Pipeline400+ Audio Building-blocks
    • Processor & OS Agnostic
    • Open APIs & Extensible with 3rd party building-blocks


    • Smart Speaker, Ear Buds, Hearing Aid
    • Cell Phone, TV
    • Automotive Infotainment


    • Faster time to market
    • Enables customer to easily add their own value and differentiate product features
    • Ability to integrate multiple 3rd party IP’s
    • Easier debugging and tuning
    • Enables IC partners to create value added solutions that can be contributed to an IP store
    • Common platform that all members of the customer support chain can use for debugging, tuning

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