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    NB-IoT Rel-14 e-NodeB Protocol Stack SW IP

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    This is LTE eNodeB with NB-LTE Support for standalone, Inband and Guard band NB-IoT Network deployments. This is a deployable solution which customers can integrate their own Radio Front end and Antenna for deployment. This design supports most of the significant & mandatory features specified by 3GPP Release 14 versions of Narrow band LTE specifications. The solution is easy to deploy and offers lower cost of ownership and accelerates time to market. The eNodeB has been tested and validated against multiple UEs from different chip vendors and Test and Measurement equipment. Integrated and tested against EPC or core network from multiple vendors. Software Specifications: •Release 13 (Mar 2020), Release 14 (July 2020) •Up to 300 active users supported •CAT-NB1(Mar 2020), CAT-NB2(July 2020) •FDD Support •2x2 Support •200 KHz Bandwidth •Standalone, In-band and Guard-Band modes of operation •15KHz and 3.75 KHz Subcarrier spacing support •Single Tone and Multi Tone UL •DL Repetition: 2048 -- UL Repetition: 128 •Paging with Repetition •2 HARQ in DL and UL •PHY abstraction layer interface: FAPI •Encryption: AES-128 •RTOS support SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing) Hardware Specifications: •Up to 2 Transmit and 2 Receive Antenna. •Radio Front end for FDD mode. •10 Watts Radio output power per Antenna Port. •Synchronization via GPS and IEEE1588. •Four RJ45 connectors with 1G Ethernet support. Two SFP connector with 10G support. •Power Consumption: <240W •Enclosure: 4U Rack Mount •Weight: Less than 12 KG. Support: •Workshop and training on development environment •Integration to the Network Management System •Integration support for any third-party EPC. •Manufacturing support. •Workshop and training on trouble shooting and debugging. •Annual Network Maintenance

    • Modular design with low power radio module that supports all LTE bands.
    • Radio front end available for NB-IOT Bands.
    • Hardware capable of single or 3 sector operation.
    • Interoperated with majority of the UE chip vendors.
    • NLOS deployment.

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