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    SDR PHY for Military and Industrial application

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    Indigenously built WaveDyut link fulfils the need for most of such data communication demands. The systems can be used in both cellular and non-cellular type of deployments Most of these applications require a technology which is proven and affordable. The HW and enclosure are built to cater to the deployment and environmental requirements for such application. WaveDyut link is built with better understanding of the end customer requirements of such applications and has seen several successful trials. The architecture supports easy application interface (integration with data link layer) via a packet interface. The radio card supports wide band RF with tunable front end filters. The system uses flexible design and it provides fast turnaround time for any customization. The system also provides user interface application for programmability of the system parameters for the required configuration. WaveDyut is a Software Defined Radio hardware which can be software programmed to operate as Base station or a Mobile station node. We have a roadmap to support relay station node to support adhoc network topology.
    • Operating frequency :  400 MHz to 500 MHz
    • RF Bandwidth : 5 MHz, 8 MHz and 10 MHz
    • Throughput : 2.5 Mbps to 20 Mbps
    • RF Output power : 1 W, 2 W, and 10 W
    • Waveform : OFDMA
    • Modulation : QPSK, QAM16, QAM64
    • Duplex method: TDD
    • FEC : Rate 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6
    • Topology : Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point
    • Link adaptation : Dynamically adapts the Modulation and FEC Rates based on the quality of the link.

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