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    PCIe 5.0 Controller IP

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    RC digital IP controller only in verilog EP digital controller only in verilog Dual Mode(DM) controllers in Verilog RC UVM+SVVIP EP UVM+SVVIP DM UVM+SVVIP Hardware validation platform for RC only Hardware validation platform for EP only Hardware validation platform for DM only

    • Compliant with PCI Express 5.0 (32
    • (16 GT/s), (16 GT/s), (16 GT/s), (16 GT/s), & backward compatible. Compliant with Pipe s.x
    • Supports both PIPE SERDES and non Serdes architecture
    • EPI RCI DMI Switch configurations support architecture
    • Compliant with ATS Specification
    • Compliant with AMBA INTERFACES Latest versions
    • 5 12b Controller architecture and 64B PIPE interface for very high performance
    • Compliant with SR -Iov Specifications.
    • Supports X 16, X8, X4, X2, I Lanes
    • Highly configurable, robust DMA Highly architecture
    • Flexible user interface & AXI4/Native Interfaces
    • LTR, AER, OBFF, MSI, MSI LTR, AER, OBFF, ERC, and Cross link all features supported
    • Required features can be turned on and off at core generation
    • Phase for an optimized gate controller
    • Simple Clocking architecture
    • 32 Physical and 512 virtual functions supported
    • Optional lnbuilt address translator Configurable
    • FPGA validation @ Gen4 speed and loopback mode
    • @Gen5 speed
    • PCI SIG compliance test

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