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    802.11 ax 2.4 GHz RF Transceiver IP for IoT

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    It is a fully integrated 1x1 transceiver IP for 2.4GHz 802.11bgn applications. It includes receiver, transmitter, Frac-N frequency synthesizer and LO chain, and all the supporting blocks such as bias and SPI.

    The zero-IF receive path (RX) has very high dynamic. A zero-IF TX generates low EVM signals through the integrated PA. A fully integrated Frac-N frequency synthesizer generates and the LOCHAIN generates required low-phase-noise LO signals for TX and RX mixer. RF switch and balun are also integrated for lowest cost solution.

    The offers an extensive portfolio of siliconproven intellectual properties (IPs) covering wide range of standards and applications, including Wi-Fi, LTE/WCDMA, BLE/Zigbee, and GPS. With ultra-lowpower transceiver  IPs,The IPs enables wireless IoT and M2M applications.

    • Fully integrated transceiver
    • Fully compliant to 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11ax standards
    • Process: TSMC22ULL, 1P7M, 4X1Z1U
    • RX has great dynamic range
    • Low phase-noise fractional-N frequency synthesizer
    • Very low power consumption
    • Direct-conversion receiver architecture
    • Very low EVM transmitter
    • Easily scalable to other MIMO configurations
    • Supports DPD
    • Very small die area

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