802.11 AH AP Baseband IP – Description


The T2M7271 is the industry’s first IP solution to support the IEEE 802.11ah AP standards. To implement the fully integrated modem, the IP includes a baseband physical layer, Lower MAC layer, and Upper MAC layer.

T2M7271 is designed to be associated up to 8,191 devices. Target Wake Time (TWT) and Restricted Access Window (RAW) functions are implemented for low power operations.Security features such as AES-CCMP and IEEE 802.11w are also included. The IP’s physical layer supports up to 15Mbit/s. It supports the traveling pilot function for the outdoor IoT environments affected by high Doppler effect.

T2M7271 is designed to be independent of the silicon process. As the MAC layer is designed to respond quickly to changes in the specification and feature, this IP can be utilized as the wireless connectivity solution for variable use cases including sensors and meters, backhaul sensors and meter data, and extended range uses of Wi-Fi.