D-26C92 – Description


The D26C92 is a Dual UART Core software compatible with the SC26C92, SCC2692 and SCN2681 with added features and deeper FIFOs.

It contains: 8 character receiver, 8 character transmit FIFOs, WATCH dog timer for each receiver, mode register 0, extended baud rate, programmable receiver and transmitter interrupts.

The D26C92 Dual Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (DUART) is a communication device that provides two full-duplex asynchronous receiver/transmitter channels in a single package. It interfaces directly with microprocessors and may be used in a polled or interrupt driven system, furthermore provides modem and DMA interface. The operating mode and data format of each channel can be programmed independently. Additionally, each receiver and transmitter can select its operating speed as one of 27 fixed baud rates, a 16X clock derived from a programmable counter/timer, or an external 1X or 16X clock. The baud rate GENERATOR and counter/timer can operate directly from a crystal or from external clock inputs. The ability to independently program the operating speed of the receiver and transmitter make the UART particularlyattractive for dual-speed channel applications such as clustered terminal systems.