D-LCD – Description


The DLCD32 is fully synchronous LCD display controller intended for embedded 32-bit oriented systems. It contains solutions which allow the system designer to mix high efficiency with very low area footprint. The four or three hardware sprites (the number depends on the pre-synthesis configuration) have a variable position and size. Each layer has also a dynamically configurable priority which allows the layer with the higher priority to cover the layer with the lower priority. These features enable much greater possibilities than a single display buffer controller and in multiple situation, they lead to displaying speed-up.

Optionally there is a possibility to exclude some given modules from the core before synthesis process to reduce area consumption. In critical situation, this may allow to save half of the area space. The default format of the RGB is 24-bit (8 bit for each color) with a 256-colors indexed mode. The color map can be either fixed or writable – this can be configured in the pre-synthesis process. There is also an optional text terminal with a fixed fonts look-up table or with a fonts internal memory.

It enables such features as text scrolling, cursor auto-increment and transparent text background. The terminal used as a standard output device can be big facilitation in the debugging process and can be also used as an optional user interface.