USB Type-C Power Delivery IP – Description

This is a self-contained configurable multi-port USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) Design IP that is based on the latest USB Power Delivery specification revision 3.0 and USB Type-C Cable and Connector specification revision 1.2. This IP uses high performing customized 8-bit, 50-MHz MCU with configurable internal flash up to 72-KB, 8-KB SRAM, 24 GPIOs, an Authentication engine, and integrated VCONN FETs. Each port is independently capable of supporting Provider only, Consumer only, Provider/Consumer and Consumer/Provider PD Roles along with Type-C specific upstream-facing port (UFP), downstream-facing port (DFP) or dual-role port (DRP). The analog PHY portion detects and supports dead battery interacting with Power Management (PMIC) and Battery Charger (BC) ICs. This IP provides interface with system host to control and status update especially needed for System Policy Manager (SPM) communication. In addition, this IP supports advanced low-power management.