PCIe Gen5 & PCIe Gen4 Phy IP available in TSMC 12FFC!

December 2020: T2M-IP, the global independent Semiconductor IP Cores, SW & Technology provider, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PCIe Gen5 Phy IP Core and PCIe Gen4 Phy IP Core on TSMC 12FFC 12nm FinFET process with matching digital Controller IP Cores, which are designed to support all required features of the PCIe 5.0 32GT/s(Gen5), PCIe 4.0 16GT/s(Gen4), 3.1 8GT/s(Gen3), 2.1 5GT/s(Gen2) and 1.1 2.5GT/s(Gen1), compliant with latest PIPE specifications.

Both PCIe Gen5 and PCIe Gen4 Phy IP Cores were designed and tested to exceed PCI-SIG’s compliance spec in jitter tolerance & insertion loss. Both these PCIe Gen5 and PCIe Gen4 Phy IP Cores achieve lower power consumption due to additional PLL control, reference clock control, and embedded power gating control. These low power mode settings are fully configurable enabling the performance of the IP to be tuned across application scenarios to achieve application specific power consumption considerations.

PCI Express Gen5, Gen 4 Phy IP details

  • Compliant with PCIe 5.0 / PCIe 4.0 Base Specification, PIPE 5.1, PIPE 4.4
  • Data rates: 32GT/s (G5), 16.0 GT/s, 8.0 GT/s, 5.0 GT/s, 2.5 GT/s
  • Support physical lane width: x4
  • Parallel interface: 32/16 bit(Gen5/4), 10/20-bit(Gen3/2/1)
  • TSMC 12nm FFC (ULVT/SVT): 0.8V and 1.2V

High-performance digital PCIe Gen5 & PCIe Gen4 digital controller IP Cores are also available independently or pre-integrated with the PHYs as a fully validated and integrated solution. The PCIe Phys can also be licensed separately and integrated with third-party controller solutions. The entire solution is Silicon and Production Proven in various end application SoCs .

T2M-IP has a comprehensive portfolio of Silicon Proven Semiconductor Interface IP Cores including USB 4.0/ HDMI 2.1/ DDR 4/ LPDDR4/ MIPI D/M/C PHY/ PCIe Gen (5-1) in Fabs such as TSMC, UMC, SMIC, GF in process from 12nm to 180nm

Availability: These PCIe Phy IP Cores are available for immediate licensing stand alone or with the matching Controllers. For more information on licensing options and pricing please drop a request to contact.

About: T2M-IP is the global independent semiconductor technology provider, supplying complex Semiconductor IP Cores, software, KGD and disruptive technologies enabling accelerated development of your storage, servers, networking, communications, TV, STB, Satellite and add-on PC cards SOCs.

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