Phison appoints T2M-IP for global marketing, representation, and business development

Phison, the market leader in NAND Flash controllers chips and IPs for SSD, PCIe, SD, eMMC, ONFi, UFS & USB Consumer, Embedded & Enterprise applications has signed an agreement with T2M-IP, the world’s largest independent global semiconductor IP provider, to act as a global representative and business development partner of Phison Semiconductor IP, ASIC and IC solutions.

Phison is an innovation leader in emerging technologies such as embedded storage, solid state drives (SSD) and security products. NAND Flash interfaces are rapidly being integrated into the latest generation of consumer, industrial, and enterprise application SoCs.

Phison mass production silicon proven semiconductor IPs’ are Controllers + Phys extracted from production SD, eMMC5.1, ONFi4.1, DDR5, LPDDR4, PCIe5, SATA3, PATA, MPHY4, USB3.2 in TSMC7FFC, TSMC12FFC, TSMC28HPC+, UMC28HPC+, UMC40LP, UMC55LP chips.

Phison chose T2M-IP as its global business development partner because of T2M-IP’s global dedicated sales and marketing team’s whose expertise in Complex Connectivity technologies will help accelerate Phison’s business growth.

T2M-IP is very proud to have been selected by Phison, a true leader in NAND Flash Controller technology field, the founder of Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) group and a Board Member of the SD Association and UFS Association.

About Phison

Phison Electronics Corporation is the market leader in NAND Flash controllers. The company has shipped over 600 million controllers worldwide yearly and topped US $1.3 billion dollars in sales revenue. Phison is a NAND Flash total solution provider, whether it is IP licensing, system integration, customization or OEM/ODM manufacturing services for major brand names, Phison can satisfy the most demanding customer requirements. For more information visit


About T2M-IP

T2M-IP, is the world’s largest independent global semiconductor technology provider, supplying complex IP, software, KGD and disruptive technologies enabling accelerated production of IoT, wireless, consumer and automotive electronics devices. Located in all key tech clusters around the world, our senior management team provides local access to leadership companies and technology.

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