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    NB-IoT Rel-14 e-NodeB PHY. IP

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    This LTE UE Reference design is a Category NB UE. Using this Reference Design, OEMs and Silicon designers can develop modules and chip versions. LTE UE supports most of the significant & mandatory features specified by 3GPP Release 14 versions of Narrow band specifications.

    RF Conformance:
    • 3GPP 136 521-1 Test cases Compliance
    • Inter working with Keysight & R&S Test & Measurement Equipment
    Platform Mapping:
    • Solution availability on Cadence Fusion F1 DSP, Synopsys ARC, ARM processor cores
    • Digital Front End as RTL IP
    • Integrated with PCS CAT-NB RF Transceiver
    • Integrated with Sensor Application
    t2m-design-reuse t2m-chipestimate t2m-anysilicon
    • 3GPP Rel-14 Cat-NB UE Solution
    • FDD Support
    • Single Antenna Tx and Rx
    • 200 KHz Bandwidth
    • Standalone, In-band and Guard-Band modes of operation
    • 15KHz and 3.75 KHz Subcarrier spacing support
    • Single Tone and Multi Tone UL
    • DL Repetition upto 2048 with all Gap Threshold configurations supported
    • UL Repetition upto 128
    • Paging with Repetition
    • 2 HARQ in DL and UL
    • Coverage level 0,1 and 2
    • AGC Implemented in Firmware
    • AFC support for higher ppm clock offsets and compensation in Firmware
    • Differential Coherent Combining for Sync Channel Detection
    • Coherent Combining for Repetition Mode
    • Integrated with COTS RF & 3rd Party NB-IoT RF
    • Interop with eNodeB and T&M equipment
    Protocol Specific Features:
    • CIoT Control plane and User plane optimization
    • Power Saving Mode
    • eDRX
    • Multiple data bearers (0/1/2)
    • Intra and Inter Frequency Cell Reselection
    • NAS and AS security with Snow 3G algorithm

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