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    USB 2.0 Audio Class Device Controller IP

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    The USB 2.0 Audio Design platform is a complete ,integrated solution designed to be used in USB based Audio Devices such as speaker and microphones. This includes USB2 peripheral controller designed to support 12 Mb/S full speed and 480 Mb/S high speed serial data transmission rates. DP8051XP ultra high performance ,speed optimized fully customizable 8051 8 bit microcontroller with built in debug IP core. Audio device stack optimized software for DP8051XP 8bit CPU. FPGA board with ready to use , pre programmed example USB stereo speakers applications. Supports UTMI Transceiver Macro cell interface.

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    • Full compliance with the USB 2.0 specifications
    • Full speed 12 Mbps operation
    • High speed 480 Mbps operation
    • Suspend and resume power management functions
    • 100% software compatible with 8051 industry standard
    • Upto 256 bytes of internal data memory
    • Up to 64k bytes of internal or external program Memory
    • User programmable program memory wait states solution for wide range of memories speed
    • User programmable External data memory wait state solution for wide range of memories speed
    • Fully synthesizable, static synchronous design with positive edge clocking and no internal tri states
    • Scan test ready
    • Can be dynamically configured to support configurable number of endpoints, alternate interfaces, and configurations.
    • Has full support for all low power features of the USB Specification supporting Suspend and Remote Wakeup, USB 3.1 Low Power States – U1/U2/U3 and USB 2.0 Link Power Management states – L1, L2.
    • Has multiple power domain support as specified in the Audio 2.0 Specification.
    • Smart YV
    • Mobile
    • Consumer
    • Automotive
    • Verilog RTL Source Code
    • Verification Environments
    • Test benches
    • Test cases
    • Synthesis Environments
    • Scripts
    • Constraints
    • Clock Domain Crossing Environments
    • Scripts
    • Constraints
    • Waivers
    • Lint Environments
    • Scripts
    • Waivers
    • Design Data book
    • Verification Documents – Test Environment Specification, Acceptance Test Specification
    • Synthesis Guide

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