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    Bluetooth Dual Mode v4.2 RF Transceiver IP

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    This RF transceiver IP is the design data base of a Bluetooth Dual Mode RF Transceiver extracted from a 40nm production chip. It consists of a complete radio front-end integrating Basic Rate (BR), Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), Low Energy (LE) features fully compliant with the Bluetooth 4.2 specification. This RF is also co-existence proven and matured with WLAN and cellular. A special LPO for the high Sleep Clock Accuracy (SCA) is also integrated for the low power Bluetooth (BLE) applications.


      • TSMC40nm
      • High Volume Silicon Proven
      • Extracted from Design Data Base of production chip
      • Integrated balun
      • Single RF I/O for Rx and Tx
      • Full digital Tx direct-up modulation scheme
      • Spectral clean Tx
      • Max Output power
      • FSK +13 dBm (typical)
      • DPSK (2 and 3 Mb/s) +10 dBm
      • RX Sensitivity -92dB
      • Rx Sensitivity (dirty transmitter at IC: dirty transmitter at BER 0.1%)
      • FSK -91 dBm
      • DPSK 2Mb/s -91 dBm
      • DPSK 3Mb/s -85 dBm
      • Excellent low power consumption performance
      • Fully integrated LDO’s, DCD converter PMU system


      • Source Code Delivery with rights to modify
      • Schematics
      • Layout
      • Certification Certificates
      • Chip Test program
      • KGD

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