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    DVB-S2/S Demodulator & Decoder IP

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    The DVB S2-S Demodulator IP core is silicon proven IP and extracted from Prodction chips and a Tuner Rx gain control is provided through PDM Demodulator is a high performance (A)PSK output RxAGC. Further stages of gain control are demodulator core intended for DVB-S2 and DVB-S implemented digitally within the demodulator. forward link applications. The demodulator is compatible with the ACM, VCM and CCM configurations of the DVB-S2 Standard including DVB-S extensions and is therefore suitable for the reception of DVB broadcast, DSNG, professional and broadband interactive services.

    DVB-S and S2 demodulation: Compliant with ETSI EN300421 and EN302307 Symbol rates from 1 to 45 Ms/s Enhanced FEC for DVB-S and DirecTV legacy transmissions

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    • Compatible with all ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation), VCM (Variable Coding and Modulation) and CCM (Constant Coding and Modulation) configurations of ETSI EN 302 307-1 and ETSI EN 302 307-2.
    • Frame-by-frame selection of frame size, FEC code rate and modulation format (QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK and 32APSK).
    • Support for DVB-S2 extensions (S2X) FEC code-rates and modulation formats (64APSK, 128APSK and 256APSK)
    • Support for an arbitrary range of symbol rates up to 40% of the master clock frequency
    • Two-stage, stepped carrier search provides wide acquisition range
    • Integrated, high-performance pi/2-BPSK demodulator and Reed Muller FEC decoder for Frame Header processing (PLSCODE).
    • Baseband I/Q radio interface incorporating compensation for DC offset and quadrature imbalances
    • Pilot-assisted carrier tracking ensures robust performance in the presence of high levels of phase noise.
    • PL sync acquisition and maintenance at – 2dB SNR (Es/N0)
    • Digital decimation and channel filters reject up to +10dBc of adjacent channel interference.
    • Fully-digital carrier and clock recovery circuits eliminate the need for an external VCXO.
    • Compatible with leading LDPC FEC decoder solutions.
    • Supplied as a protected bitstream or netlist (Megacore® for Altera® FPGA targets).
    • Silicon Proven IP Core
    • Extracted from Production Chips
    • Multiple applications
    • Modification rights, unlimited usage
    • STB SOC
    • TV SOC
    • PCTV Dongle etc

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