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DVB-S2X/S2/S Wideband Demodulator IP

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This is a high-performance, dual high-symbol-rate (HSR) DVB-S2/S2X demodulator IP extarcted from production chipsets with integrated tuner and silcon proven technology. The demodulators are compliant with Annex M of the DVB-S2 specification EN 302 307 and can demodulate signals up to 500 Msymbol/s. Each HSR demodulator may demodulate up to 2 slices. This implements 8 multi-standard demodulators capable of DVB-S, DTV legacy, DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X broadcast-profile signal processing.

This IP incorporates a high-speed DVB-S2 forward error corrector (FEC) which is designed to handle up to 720 Mchannel-b/s at its input. This allows for 8 simultaneous 8PSK decodes at 30 Msymbol/s. This capacity is shared between the demodulators and may be allocated at will, provided that the maximum capacity limit is not exceeded.This IP features four integrated full-band capture tuners which cover the band 950 to 2150 MHz. The signal is sampled by high-performance analog to digital converters with built in anti-aliasing filters.These ADCs connect to a high-speed digital multiplexer which allows any tuner input to feed any of the 8 demodulators.

This implements full S2 and S2X interactive services capability with short frames and full-ACM functionality including MODCOD blocking. An NCR PLL compatible with both MPEG2 and GSE streams has been implemented and may be associated with any of the demodulators to assure return-channel synchronization. A transport stream processor is able to filter on PIDs, carry out PCR re-stamping and conduct PID relabeling. In this way the wanted program streams can be, for example, output on a single multiplexed bus thus reducing wiring complexity and saving board space. The transport stream processor is also capable of handling GSE, GSE-lite, IP streams and can output raw, baseband fames.

  • Two high-symbol-rate (HSR) demodulators: – Maximum baud rate 500 Msymbol/s, Up to two slices each, DVB-S2/S2X and Annex M compliant
  • Up to 8 multi-standard demodulators:– S/S2/S2X/DTV
  • Integrated full-band tuners and ADCs
  • High-speed digital multiplexer to connect any tuner to any demodulator
  • NCR PLL support
  • Flexible transport stream processor: PID filtering, PCR re-stamping and re-labelling, GSE label filtering
  • Low power consumption
  • Wake-on-network PID or GSE label
  • Fast auto scan
  • Signal monitoring, spectral analysis, bit error rate test and reporting
  • Interfaces: – Crystal oscillator, I2C serial bus interface, including private repeater for optional LNA, TS, 8 serial, 2 parallel or multiplexed, JTAG for boundary scan, DiSEqC 1.x and DiSEqC2.x compatible receiver, 22-kHz, FSK modem, Flexible GPIOs and interrupts
  • Verilog Source RTL Code plus Simulation Environment
  • RTL/C Source Code
  • Physical Design scripts - Synopsys synthesis
  • Hardware simulation test bench with regression test suit
  • Reference platform drivers
  • Complete Design Database
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