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    Display Port v1.2 Tx PHY & Controller IP

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    Our Display Port is VESA DP1.1a, DP1.2 and eDP compliant with four main lanes and an auxiliary channel The DP transmitter acceptsDP1.1a HBR (2.7Gbps) and RBR (1.62Gbps) data rates; it can also support turbo mode (3.24Gbps) and HBRII (5.4Gbps) of DP1.2 standard. Signals are sampled from 1/2/4-lane double-wide DP stream data.

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    • Display Port v1.2 Transmitter [1.62 - 2.7 - 5.4 Gbps/lane]
    • Embedded Display Port v1.4 Transmitter
    • HDMI v1.4 and Display Port v1.2 Combo receiver
    • DP SST and MST compliant
    • Support video format of RGB, YCbCr 4:4:4/4:2:2
    • Deep color up to 16bit per component, H Sync, V Sync, Field ID (Interlaced modes) and DE.
    • Support dual bus video
    • Audio up to 4ch I2S
    • Support HDCP 1.3
    • VESA DP1.1a, DP1.2a, eDP v1.3 and iDP v1.0 compliant
    • DP1.1a HBR (2.7Gbps), RBR (1.62Gbps) Turbo mode (3.24Gbps) and HBRII (5.4Gbps)
    • Support DP 1.2 side band and GTC messages
    • Support DP 1.2 3D and SDP nesting
    • To facilitate lower test cost and improve test coverage, a loopback test is provided to check for the functionality of the transmitter in different speed modes
    • Verilog RTL or netlist source code of LINK controller.
    • Abstracted timing models for synthesis and STA
    • Timing constrains for synthesis and physical layout
    • Behavioural Verilog Model, simulation test bench, run control scripts, and test stimuli
    • Physical design database
    • Integration guidelines
    • Reference software sample code
    • Support 1, 2, or 4 lanes configuration, up to 5.4Gbps
    • Audio either I2S or parallel
    • 1MHz AUX channel
    • Support I2C (for MCCS & EDID) and Native over-AUX
    • Support UART over AUX
    • Setup Boxes
    • Smart TV
    • DP - HDMI Convertors

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