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    UHS-II is Ultra High speed type II controller for high speed transfers used in SD application for High definition contents. Key factors includes reusability of legacy resources, low voltage ,low power consumption and low EMI used in mobile devices. The type of connection topology supported by L&T’s UHS
    • Full Duplex Mode(FD mode) -Lane consists of one Transmitter port, Receiver Port and transmission clock. Data rate up to 156MB/s
    •  Half Duplex with 2lanes mode(2L-HD Mode)-Changes the lane directions to 2lane mode during data transfer to achieve data rate up to 312MB/s.
    • Full Duplex with 2 Downstream and 1 upstream lane mode (2D1U-FD Mode)
    •  Full Duplex with 1 Downstream and 2 upstream lane mode (1D2U-FD Mode)
    •  Full Duplex with 2 Downstream and 2 upstream lane mode (2D2U-FD Mode)

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    • Compliance with Part 1 UHS-II Addendum Version 1.02
    •  Compliance with Part A2 SD Host controller specification version 4.10 & Part1 Physical layer specification version 4.20
    •  Programmable 1 or 2 Data lane Configuration
    •  Supports all type of packets
    •  Compatibility with Legacy SD interface
    •  APB for Register configuration
    •  AHB for Read/Write Data Transfer
    •  Supports fast mode and low power mode
    •  Supports flow control operations.
    •  Supports command Queuing, Relaxed Ordering and inter-device communication
    •  Supports data transaction for SD-TRAN and CM-TRAN
    •  Configurable FIFOs

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