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    MIPI UniPro v1.6 Controller IP

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    UniPro (Unified Protocol) is a layered protocol defined by the MIPI Alliance for connecting devices and components within a mobile device. UniPro allows device components to utilize MIPI PHY layer to communicate and exchange data with devices on the other side of MIPI lanes.

    UniPro supports a wide range of device applications like application processor, camera controller, display controllers, and storage controllers like UFS or memory (RAM) controllers.

    Our MIPI UniPro is designed to be PHY-agnostic, supporting a wide range of applications simultaneously in the application layer. Our MIPI UniPro along with other application solutions like CSI-3 or UFS and MPHY offers an comprehensive solution.

    • Compliant with MIPI UniPro Standard V1.8x and MPHY standard 3.x
    • Programmable 1, 2, or 4 data lanes
    • Support for M-PHY HS data rates HS-Gear-1, Gear-2, Gear-3, both A/B modes and PWM data rates PWM-G1 to PWM-G7
    • Support for end-to-end flow control
    • Support for all traffic classes
    • Support for preemption of high-priority frames
    • Support for up to 32 C-Ports
    • Round Robin arbitration across C-Ports
    • Group acknowledgement of up to 16 frames per traffic class
    • Support for frame retransmission
    • Configurable buffer spaces
    • CSD, CSV support
    • Support for UniPro test feature
    • TMPI support
    • Efficient power management

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