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    USB 3.0 Dual Mode Controller IP

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    USB 3.0 Dual Mode controller is a highly configurable core and implements the USB 3.0 Host functionality or USB3 Device functionality selectable a register or an external pin. The host/device core can be interfaced with third party USB 3.0 PHY’s. USB3.0 Dual mode controller core is part of USB3.0 family of cores named “Pravega”. The core leverages design expertise from its high speed interconnect family of IP’s including PCI Express, Serial Rapid I/O and Hyper transport.

    The Pravega dual mode controller supports Host functionality using high performance DMA engine based on xHCI specification exposing either an AHB or AXI interface. The host mode core can be configured to support full fledged xHCI implementations for use in standard PCIe-USB bus adaptors/chip sets or be configured with a subset of features for embedded applications requiring limited host functionality. The pravega dual mode controller supports Device functionality which operates in a cut through mode exposing a native packet interface or exposes either an AHB or AXI interface and including a high performance proprietary DMA engine.

    The Pravega Dual Mode Controller core is carefully partitioned to support standard power management schemes which include extensive clock gating and multiple power wells for aggressive power savings required for mobile and handheld applications. The controller has a very simple application interface which can be easily adapted to standard on-chip-bus interfaces such as AXI, AHB, OCP as well as other standard off-chip interconnects making it easy to be integrated in a wide range of applications.

    • Host functionality is compliant with xHCI Rev1.0
    • Compliant with USB3.0 Specification Rev1.0
    • Compliant with USB Specification Rev 2.0
    • Compliant with USB2 Link Power Management
    • Supports Aggressive Low Power Management
    • Configurable core frequency: 125, 250, 500 Mhz.
    • Configurable PIPE Interface for USB3.0 PHY: 8, 16, 32 bit.
    • Configurable USB2 PHY Interface : 8/16 bit UTMI, 8-biot ULPI interface
    • Optional DMA engine for device mode functionality.
    • Optional endpoint zero processor block for processing standard requests for device mode functionality
    • Flexible User Application Logic
      • Can be adapted by any SoC / OCB interface / off chip interconnects – such as AHB, AXI, PCIe
      • Configurable Data width: 32, 64, 128 bit
      • Optional native packet interface
    • Simple Register Interface for internal Register Access – AHB Slave or PBUS Interface
    • Pin or register bit to select between host/device

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