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IP Cores

T2M SerDes XPHY Low power Chip to Chip SerDes IP

XPHY Low power Chip to Chip SerDes IP

Description and Features

These IPs are targeted at applications requiring high speed, high bandwidth, low-power consumption, and low-latency interfaces.



  • Low Power Chip-to-Chip SERDES
  • From 10Gb/s to 11Gb/s
  • Technology: 28FDSOI 8ML & 10ML
  • Platform: 1 Data Slice and 1 Clock Slices
  • RX: AC or DC coupling with low-power CTLE
  • TX: Power-optimized resistive bridge driver
  • Optimized for Low Power Chip-to-Chip SERDES Applications
  • Ultra low voltage operation
  • Optimized for low power Chip to Chip SERDES Applications
  • IOT
  • Wearables