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Common Interface has two logical interfaces, to be included on the same physical interface. The first interface is the MPEG-2 Transport Stream Interface as defined in the MPEG-2 specifications. The second interface, the Command Interface, carries commands between the host and the CAM.
  • The CI Software allows implementation of Command Interface, which includes:
  • - CAM configuration
  • - Exchange of commands between STB and Conditional Access Module (CAM).
  • A DVB PCI card or DVB set-top-box (STB) consists of the following main hardware components:
  • - Front-end consisting of tuner and DVB demodulator
  • - The front-end down-converts and demodulates this signal into an MPEG transport stream (TS).
  • - Conditional Access (CA) hardware like CI adapters and smart card slots
  • - The complete TS is passed through the CA hardware. Programs to which the user has access (controlled   by the smart card) are decoded in real time and re-inserted into the TS.
  • - De-multiplexer, which filters the incoming DVB stream
  • - MPEG2 audio and video decoder
  • - The main targets of the de-multiplexer are the MPEG2 audio and video decoders.


    • May use GPIO, I2C, STARWIN, EPLD or any new interface for CI control signals.
    • Supports (and auto-detects) CI and CI+ CAMs
    • Supports blocking data transfers only between CAM and host (I/O mode access)
    • Event supported for hot plugin for CI and CI+ CAMs
    • Event supported for notifying CAM’s status register IIR bit is set for CI+ CAMs only
    • CAM Initialization: This includes CAM configuration and link initialization using link reset
    • CAM detection
    • Supplying power supply to CAM
    • CAM hard reset
    • Retrieving the card information structure (CIS) (Attribute memory access)
    • Set config option register (COR) to configure the CAM in normal operating mode.
    • CAM and host link initialization to negotiate the buffer size to be used for communication.
    • Extracted for a production STB chipset


    • Source Code Delivery including
    • Unlimited Usage
    • Rights to Modify
    • Product datasheet
    • Test cases
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