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V-by-One® HS technology targets a high speed data transmission of video signals based on internal connection of equipment. -V-by-One® HS Standard defines the specifications to develop a transmitter and receiver .This Supports up to 4Gbps/lane; and Available 8-lane PHY and 16-lane PHY for Tx and Rx.



    • V-by-One HS Ver. 1.4 compliant PHY and Link for Tx and Rx
    • Supports up to 4Gbps/lane
    • Available 8-lane PHY and 16-lane PHY for Tx and Rx
    • Support 4K2K-60Hz by 8-lane PHY, 4K2K-120Hz by 16-lane PHY
    • Configurable analog characteristics
    • Built-in self test
    • 1.8V/0.9V power supply
    • TSMC 28HPC process


      • Datasheet
      • Integration Guideline
      • GDS or Phantom GDS
      • Layer Map Table
      • CDL Netlist for LVS
      • LEF
      • Verilog Behavior Model
      • Liberty Timing Model
      • DRC/LVS/ERC results
      • RTL for Digital section
      • Test Spec Documents
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