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    Temperature Sensor IP

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    This Temperature Sensor is a high precision low power junction temperature sensor that has been developed to be embedded into ASIC designs. The block features a digital interface and includes one point trim capability in any environment temperature to increase accuracy, which requires no knowledge of die temperature. Typical temperature sensor uses include clock speed optimization, power management, silicon characterization and thermal management.
    • Temperature sensor can be used for temperature management. Such as fine-grain DVFS performance optimization schemes.
    • Configurable temperature to alert interrupt and assert chipset reset
    • High temperature warning indicator can be configured by register
    • Targets UMC 28nm HPC/HPCP processes
    •  Dimensions: 212um x 215um
    •  12-bit resolution data output
    •  Analog Delta-sigma bit stream output fortesting
    • Support Analog trim and Digital offset trim
    •  Calibration sequence requires no knowledge of die temperature
    • ±5°C untrimmed accuracy (-40ºC to 125ºC)
    •  ±2°C accuracy with single step trim (-40ºC to125ºC)
    •  Input clock: 1.6875MHz
    •  Typical supply current (Continuous operation):320uA
    • Low Power design
    •  Analog Block support Power down
    •  Max supply current (Power Down):300nA
    •  Digital Block support Clock gate

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