TSMC 12FFC silicon proven SERDES Phy IPs’ for HDMI 2.1, PCIe Gen5, DDR4, USB 4 & MIPI Interfaces available immediately for your next SoC

T2MIP, the global independent semiconductor IP Cores & Technology provider, is pleased to announce the availability of a comprehensive range of Silicon Proven SERDES Phy IPs in TSMC’s advance 12FFC process technology.

TSMC’s 12nm FFC process supplies the best in-class performance, providing superior speed increase and significant power consumption reduction for next generation high-end mobile computing, network communication, consumer and automotive electronic applications.

The SERDES Phy IPs are available pre-integrated with a matching digital Controller IP Cores to deliver a seamless integration experience or can be integrated with 3rd party or in-house Controller IP Cores.

The following SERDES IP Cores are available silicon proven in TSMC12FFC:


In addition to Interfaces T2MIP also has a complete portfolio of Demodulator & Decoder IP cores for TV, STB & Satellite SoCs, licenced as White Box IPs along with DVB-S2X WideBand, DVB-S2X Narrow Band, DVB-S2/S, DVB-T2/T, DVB-C, ATSC, DTMB, Analog TV, DOCSIS, MOCA.

These solutions are based on the successful implementation by customers based in China, USA, Taiwan, Europe and Japan where they have been used in high-volume production for TV & STB SoCs, PC-oriented SoCs, Mobile SoCs and high -end Video & Graphic applications.

Availability: These SERDES IPs are available for immediate licensing stand alone or with the matching Controllers. For more information on licensing options and pricing please drop a request to contact@t-2-m.com.


About T2M: T2MIP is the global independent semiconductor technology provider, supplying complex IP Cores, software, KGD and disruptive technologies enabling accelerated development of your storage, servers, networking, communications, TV, STB, Satellite and add-on PC cards SoCs. For more information, please visit: https://www.t-2-m.com/